Drew Porter, Founder
(484) 472.7402 ext. 202
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In July 2008, Drew founded P&I Services which has developed into a full service risk management and wealth management company. Since day one, he had one goal in mind: to offer clients the most competitive plan for their needs & prove to them they can expect consistency and reliability.

P&I has the ability to offer every client a strategy that fits their needs, no matter what the situation may be. When asked, Drew will tell you that his main objective now is to build strong relationships and learn as much as possible about his clients, as well as, build strong relationships with the company partners for the benefit of the client base. Trust and transparency allow Drew and his team of advisors to serve all clients at a high level. P&I is fortunate to have access to many insurance carriers and financial companies which his team utilizes each as needed with one objective, to benefit the client. As your family and business grow, Drew will be there to ensure you are on the road to success.